Thursday 9 May 2019

Fix macOS does not see Android device

I have been using a MacBook Pro for work recently. I actually use the Lubuntu virtual machine under the macOS host for programming mostly. 

There are a few designs in macOS that are not intuitive and drag the productivity down. One of them is the connection with Android devices. While it is very simple to access files from your Android devices using Windows or Linux, this simple task can not be done straightforwardly in macOS. I find this strange as Android uses Linux as its kernel and macOS is also Unix-based. 

To be able to access files in connected Android devices from macOS, one solution is to install a software from Google called Android File Transfer. Even this solution is also not so good. For instances, it takes quite long to load a folder with many files; we also cannot see the thumbnails of the images or even just open the files (it is required to move the files to the computer first before opening them).

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