Tuesday 21 May 2019

Try cooking rice in a 940ml microwavable noodle container

Hello everyone, today I bought a new small microwavable noodle container to prepare some quick rice for lunch at work.

I have cooked rice in a microwave before, but with a proper big container designed for cooking rice. So it was quite excited for me to try making rice with this small container. 

I have put a small amount of rice in the container (probably about three quarters of a cup). I rinsed the rice with water a few times and added hot water in. Again, since I did not have a cup measure with me, I estimated everything.

Just one quick note, when you close the lid of the container, remember to leave the vent open. This step is very important for cooking rice.

I put the container into the microwave and heated it for 10 minutes. After this, I had to add some more water and heated it for another 3 minutes.

The rice turned out okay. I put some pieces of chopped chicken breast in and microwaved it for another 2 minutes. Finally, I added some vegetables and chilli sauce and my meal was ready to serve!

Overall, the advantages of this container are that it is small and easy to clean. Its size is also nice enough to be used directly as a bow, so you do not have more unnecessary things to carry and wash. The rice also turns out okay. The main disadvantage is that some rice steam may spew onto the microwave plate due to the small size of the noodle container, so you may need to clean it after.

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