Thursday, 11 July 2019

AI, Cats and Humanity

Philosophical corner: Humans seem to recognize artificial objects better than natural things. For example, it seems to be easier to distinguish different types of vehicles than to group different types of trees or bugs. The reason for this could be that our brains choose to learn about the items that are more important for our daily activities; and most artificial items (except for some such as artworks) are invented to support such activities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) (e.g., image recognition computational models) is not like that, it is not as picky as human brain is; it absorbs as much available information as it can. The advantage of this action is that a broader range of knowledge is learnt by an AI. Fortunately, we have been flooding our digitized knowledgebase with millions of cat pictures. The poor AI will just spend all day long learning this information. Therefore, cats are the saviours of humanity. Let’s follow @me-animal for more cat pictures.

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