Tuesday 7 May 2019

Blue Bird game by CatCanCode.Com studio

Hello everyone, most of us probably still remember the famous Flappy Bird game. However, the game is no longer available in the Google Play store. There are many clones of the game though with full-screen ads and click baits. The experience of the game play that focusing on tapping becomes horrible in these games where play time is so low in between forever full-screen ads and the accidental clicks on those ads that stop you from playing your game. 

Therefore, I develop Blue Bird, a Flappy Bird clone, with no full-screen ads, no click baits, and a more streamlined gameplay that keep you tapping uninterruptedly even in comparison to the original. My main ideology about video games is the enjoyment of the player, not just about the competition. So, I also simplify the high-score system in my game so that you only need to focus on improving yourself instead of keep competing with others. Blue Bird, unlike the original, also comes with a meaningful story.

Blue Bird is available on Google Play store at Blue Bird for Android phones
  • Gary, the blue bird, lost his home and family due to nature being destroyed by urbanization. Gary is flying to find a new forest, but all he can see is a smoky sky and a countless number of chimneys ...
  • Fun to Play; Tap to Fly; No Pop Up Ads; Simple Control & Interface; Smooth Performance; Simple Local Best Score; Cute Blue Bird With Ninja Hair.

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