Tuesday 7 May 2019

Fix error cannot view output file with Adobe Reader in TeXnicCenter LaTeX editor

After installing TeXnicCenter on newly installed Windows 7 with the new Adobe Reader DC, I could not view the output pdf file when pressing F5.

The error message is:
cannot execute command [DocOpen("%bm.pdf")][FileOpen("%bm.pdf")]
Here are my steps to fix the problem:
  1. Uninstall Adobe Reader DC
  2. Install Adobe Reader 11
  3. Open TeXnicCenter, go to build->Define Output Profiles (Or press Alt-F7)
  4. Open tab Viewer and re-configure the path & commands (notice the "R11" after the "acroview")
  5. Open Adobe Reader 11, go to Edit->Preferences->Security(Enhanced), uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode at startup"

2019 UPDATE: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has been the official reader from Adobe. When you install the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, under Help menu, click About Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. If the version number begins with:
  • 2018, set all your Server parameters to acroviewR18,
  • 2017, set all your Server parameters to acroviewR17,
  • 2015, set all your Server parameters to acroviewR15.
Also remember to change the Executable path to the right folder for the installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

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