Sunday, 12 May 2019

Minimum Android API level for Google Admob 2019

Since 2017‑2‑15, minimum Android API level of 14 is required to run Goggle admob sdk (see link).  Luckily that covers more than 99.6% of Android phones in the market as of May 2019 (see link). 

I actually built an app (see link) that supports API level 10 to cover at many phones as possible. Admob in this app still works on newer phones. The app also works fine on old Gingerbread phones, just there is no ad being served on these phones. However, there is no user of the app using a Gingerbread phone. 

In Android Studio 3.4 (April 10, 2019), it is also mentioned that Gingerbread (API level 10) is deprecated.

Therefore, in the comming apps in 2019 and later, it is safe to just support minimum API level 14. 

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