Thursday, 30 May 2019

Set a git project up and running quickly (Host in GITLAB or GITHUB)

  1. Create a new repository with README file in GITLAB or GITHUB websites. 
  2. Inside GITLAB or GITHUB web interfaces, copy the link under Clone with HTTPS.
  3. In you local development machine, navigate to the folder where you want to put your project folder inside (e.g., ALL_GIT_PROJECTS).
  4. Run the following command line to clone your repository to a new folder in the folder ALL_GIT_PROJECTS

  5. git clone [LinkToYourGitlabOrGithubRepository] [NameOfLocalFolderWhereTheRepoWillStay]
  6. Enter your username and password, then wait for your remote repository to be downloaded into your local project folder. Your project folder can now be managed in GIT. Navigate to your project folder and try the following commands.

  7. git status
    git log --oneline

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