Saturday 1 June 2019

Your Bitbucket repository reaches 2GB limit: Don't panic!

There are soft limit of 1GB and hard limit of 2GB for a git repository hosted in Bitbucket. After it reaches 2GB, the repository becomes read only and you cannot perform any new push.

In many situations, there may be large garbage in your git repository and all you need to do is to run the built-in garbage collector on Bitbucket server.

You can contact Bitbucket support to run the garbage collector for you. Or you can trigger the process yourself by creating a new dummy branch and remove it. There would be a decent chance that your repository size would reduce after this process. I have successfully reduced my repository size from 2.04 GB down to 623.4 MB with this approach!

If the size of your repository is still larger than 2GB, you should start thinking about Git Large File Storage as well as techniques to reduce your repository size as described in this official link

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